Tascam dp-006 digital portastudio


  • Digital dp-006 portastudio tascam
  • Tascam DP-006
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  • Digital dp-006 portastudio tascam
  • Tascam DP-24SD – 24-канальная цифровая портастудия

tascam dp-006 digital portastudio

The Tascam DP and the DPEX are built with two For recording ideas you're better of with a. The DP digital recorder is the perfect 6-track digital Pocketstudio from TASCAM with two condenser mic built into the front of the unit. The DP digital recorder is the perfect 6-track digital Pocketstudio from TASCAM Designed with Portastudio functionality, these POCKETSTUDIOs are the./

I was surprised with the quality of the built in microphones. The built-ins offer three level controls and pick up well with the instruments I have used acoustic guitar, banjo, harmonica, button accordion. The recorder seems to process levels very well and I have had less problems with going under or over sound levels than on other portable machines.

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Overall, this recorder is a pleasure to use. This recorder seems to fit the bill for someone new to multi tracking or someone who wants a quick way to get musical ideas down before finalizing them on a more professional platform.

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My other recorders take media that is hard to find and very restricted in size. The tascam allows me to pop in an SD card available almost anywhere and record without having to worry about taking a bunch of extra memory cards or running out of recording time.

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If I decide to go with something larger in the future I will definitely check out their product line based on my brief time with the That being said, the DP is still capable of That being said, the DP is still capable of making some excellent recordings.

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